Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ooh, new Interweave waiting for me when I got home today! (It's not mine, it's my roommate's, but she's out of town, so ha!) I've been in a sweater-knitting mood the last couple of days and I'm thinking I may make the Tangled Yoke cardigan and/or the Mirepoix bodice. I think the Mirepoix is awful cute, but I suspect that the fair isle section would end right in the middle of my boobs -- in this picture it's hard to see, but in the magazine it seems like the band is a little too short at least for the model in the picture. Of course it can be made longer, but I worry.

Any designers/fashion consultants out there? Where should bands like that end, for ideal fit? If a band stops immediately at the bottom of the breasts, that can look a bit matronly and over-emphasized. Should the band stop just short of the bra band line? Or is this just a difficult thing to wear, especially for large-chested types?

Ha! I just went over to the designer's blog and she thinks the model is a little too large for the sweater. But she also says the sweater was designed for her daughter, who is "a little stick of a thing." So I'm thinking some alteration would be necessary for non-little-sticks-of-things.


Kris said...

HAHA!! Mirepoix is MADE for me! It's really the only one I like enough to attempt too!

mary jane said...

Yes, by all means make the bodice longer, one border pattern or really whatever you need personally. I think the fair isle bit should comfortably cover your breasts.
The idea was Empire, the dresses of the Napoleonic era, the "waist" just below the breasts. I used my daughter as the fit model and she's a wee thing.

Thanks for the nice comments, I'm glad you and kris like it!

Kyle said...

It occurs to me that since it's knit in the round I could stop and try it on and make armhole/neckline decisions as necessary.

mary jane said...

Yep, trying it on along the way is the best method.
And today a friend took issue with describing my daughter as a "pin" or "wee". She described her as an "athletic college student" or Sports Illustrated model which I'm sure Sophie would love but don't they always have big boobs? Anyway, she's not especially tall either...I digress...
I think you want the bodice to be long enough to cover your breasts comfortably and still enough ribbing to have an "empire" or "high waisted" look.
If you do make it, let me know how it goes, K?