Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another blog...

I am going to Switzerland next week, and my grandmother (a longtime fan of Switzerland) wrote "Will you want to send any dispatches home?? or are you just gonna drop out on vacation?" and that made up my mind: I would start a travel blog. I figure I'll at least have one reader (Hi Grammie!) and anyway, I just like writing about things. I'll try to use this blog for future trips, and maybe even write about day and weekend trips here as well.

I'll be on my own for this trip -- I don't have any plans to meet up with anyone at all, which is a little different from previous solo trips I've taken where I've had a few people to stop and have dinner with and things. I could conceivably go all introverted and not talk to anyone beyond the bare necessities for two full weeks, but I'm hoping that my extroverted side comes out enough for me to meet some new people and have some fun (I'm willing to have fun without meeting new people too, if necessary).

Right now I'm deciding what to pack, and what I still need to buy, and whether I have time to get a haircut before I leave on Tuesday (I've been complaining that my hair has been growing faster than usual, but now that I think about it I haven't had a haircut since April -- that could be part of the problem). I'm also trying to get some work things squared away -- I thought this would be a good time to take off, since there are no classes and the library is basically empty (there's hardly any work to be done at all) but I hadn't taken into account the fact that there would hardly be any students around to work, and scheduling people to cover is proving a bit more difficult than I expected (even though they won't actually have to do much in the way of work), but I think it will all work out. Fingers crossed!

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